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Tips and Tricks to Staying Healthy in Difficult Times

(From a recent interview with the Hells Canyon Journal)

I am a proud resident of beautiful, Eastern Oregon and I work with people of all walks of life and beliefs. What I admire most about my community is that people are already centered on helping each other in a crisis. I want to do my part in helping out in the ways that I know. These are some tips and tricks for staying healthy during these difficult times. I believe we need to see the pandemic as a great opportunity to transform our bodies and be the best version of ourselves.

The saddest bi-product of the “pandemic” is the long-term stress that people are experiencing. Chronic stress shuts down the pre-frontal cortex where logical and higher reasoning abilities are born. This is contributing to a mental health crisis. I think most people think that if they get Covid 19 they are going to die. This is just not true in most cases. This being said, there are many elderly people with pre-existing conditions and an inordinate amount of people of color in the U.S. that are dying from Covid.

There is no doubt in my mind that the corona virus is a nasty flu. There are also many studies proving that feeling stressed lowers your immune system. So, let’s follow a few common-sense guideposts for avoiding getting sick: eat a diet to boost your brain’s health. Eat lots of green leafy veggies such as kale, spinach or cabbage. These are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. Eat a rainbow of colors in your diet, not just the same things every day. Also, make sure you are taking omega 3s from fish, flax.

Avoid inflammatory foods: if you don’t inflame your gut, then you won’t inflame your brain. That means literally stop eating things that don’t grow on a tree or in the earth. It may not be a surprise to you, but fast food and sodas weaken our bodies. Get refined flours, sugars and processed foods out of your house, since all of these contain preservatives and additives that the body does not recognize as food and causes it to increase inflammation. Inflammation in the body causes disease and weakens your immune system.

Sleep evidently is the most crucial ingredient in good health. If you are not getting good, quality sleep, but are eating the best diet in the world, you will not attain your health goals. Everybody needs a different amount, yet consensus in science shows that sleeping by around 9 p.m. allows the adrenals the deepest regeneration and the body to fall into the deepest REM state so that you awake with your cells rested and ready to fight off an invader if needed.

Hydration can’t be emphasized enough. Everybody’s body is different, but here is a rule of thumb 12 oz: 30 minutes of activity. For every hour of exercise per day, you need roughly three cups of water. I also like to add some electrolyte powder from Nutribiotic. Along with hydration I would say sweating is also very important, only in the beginning of a phase of a cold or flu. The best thing to do is take a really hot shower or bath, then wrap up in blankets and comforters and sweat. Get up and change your sheets and you will often find that you are no longer feeling sick.

Staying positive is really important right now. A short period of silent meditation every day goes a long way to re-boot you. If you are new to meditation try the Insight Timer App for instructions. I also offer NADA (National Acupuncture Detox Association) treatments which are used by the military, the V.A. for PTSD, panic attacks and other stress related disorders. This treatment takes your brain out of fight or flight (Sympathetic) and into the rest and digest (parasympathetic) in a matter of minutes.

Acupuncture is mind-body medicine. Trauma that is stored in the tissues of the body and begins to override the brain’s ability to function. Often getting to a tranquil state with acupuncture can help re-set the body and mind so that healing can begin. I call this hitting the re-set button. When you are in a tranquil state of being, your immune system is humming along and ready to fight off invading viruses.

I'd like to provide a list of daily prevention supplements: take 5000 IU vit. D, zinc citrate or glycinate, oreganol, Elderberry leaf tea. I have safely prepared tea with alcohol to preserve it for sale. According to Nationally renowned herbalist, David Buehner, the leaf is the only part of the plant strong enough to kill Covid. The leaf tea must be boiled first in order to render the naturally occurring cyanide inert. Once boiled, it is a great antiviral to take daily during flu season. Although I love Elderberry syrup, I am no longer making it since I want the most powerful anti-virals available for flu season.

Vitamin C and quercetin are good for lowering inflammation in case of a cytokine storm, which can happen with Covid-19. That is where the immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory molecules. This sudden release is the body’s defense against infection, yet it is so harmful to the body that it can cause organ failure.

I also grew an herb call Sweet Annie (Artemesia annua) that is being used widely across Africa for Covid prevention and treatment. It is so promising that the Max Plank Institute in Germany, as well as many other countries, are doing pharmaceutical studies on it. Although they have no clinical trials yet, the Institute showed that a mere alcohol extraction in pure ethanol had anti-viral properties. They showed that it can prevent cell death from corona-virus. The way that it works is that it is an immune-modulatory herb that is traditionally used in cultures around the world to reduce the symptoms of fever and inflammation.

My patent herbs (little round pills) are helpful for colds and flus are based on age-old Chinese remedies. Gan mao ling is the largest selling patent in China and the most effective herbal product for the common cold and flu. Taken at the first sign of illness and every three hours is the best way to take this.

Chuan xin lian (Andrographis sp.) is a powerful herb that is directed at the throat. It is superb for sore throats and tonsilitis. This can be taken daily if you are prone to colds for its strong antiviral properties.

Zhong gan ling is for full-blown colds and flu and is the best patent for shortening the severity and duration of the viral illness. When you have neck, back, head and muscle aches accompanied by mild fever, this is a good herb to take.

I have also tinctured three Chinese herbal formulas create by my mentor. Dr. Jake Fratkin, O.M.D. He spent many years studying in China and these herbs are endorsed for Covid-19 by the Chinese Health Board. I do not claim to cure Covid, yet I am providing options for people who are interested in boosting their immunity.

The first formula is called Immunity Plus and it helps to boost defenses and immunity before symptoms appear. Some of my patients take this herbal combination daily to prevent infection.

The second formula is called Clear Toxins and it is for a flu with fever. It helps to shorten the duration and severity of the viral symptoms in the body. The last tincture is called SVP or Sticky Viral Phlegm. This formula is for any kind of phlegm sticking to your throat or deep in your lungs after illness. It is great for the cough that accompanies Covid and often lingers for weeks, if not months afterwards.

I hope this article has given you some tools for your toolbox. It is really important to keep some anti-virals on hand and be able to have them available at the first sign of exposure. I wish profound health for you and your family!


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