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Natural Medicine & Nutrition

Are you seeking natural medicine and nutrition or holistic support in Reno, NV? At Wilder Health, we blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques to promote healing and enhance overall wellness through alternative and functional medicine. Our approach integrates Western herbal medicine and ancestral diets tailored to empower and bring joy. Utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, we provide personalized diagnoses and recommend supplements, herbs, vitamins, and nutrition plans. Join us on your journey to wellness, where we prioritize holistic healthcare and integrate functional medicine principles for a balanced and vital life.

A full health history is discussed at the first meeting. Then, Western herbal medicine and ancestral diets are tailored to your life in order to empower you and facilitate more joy and  healing in your life. Similar to Functional Medicine's approach, lab tests and health histories are looked at, yet the primary diagnosis comes from a 5,000 year old system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each person then receives a constitutional diagnosis based on their internal ecology. Dr. Wilder recommends and orders supplements, herbs, vitamins, nutrition, and exercises plans to remedy your particular imbalances. 

How Natural Medicine
Can Serve You

Personalized Healing

At Wilder Health, we integrate Western herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to tailor treatments for optimal healing and joy in your life. Our approach includes discussing your full health history and crafting individualized plans that incorporate Reno digestive health and integrative supplements.

Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment

Unlike conventional medicine, our approach prioritizes holistic diagnosis based on your internal ecology and constitutional factors. This allows for targeted treatments that support your body's natural healing processes, promoting long-term health benefits.

Integration of Western and Traditional Wisdom

Our holistic approach, similar to Functional Medicine principles, emphasizes herbal acupuncture and integrative medicine in our home Reno, NV. By combining these modalities, we address holistic wellness and promote overall health.


Comprehensive Wellness Plans

Dr. Wilder crafts holistic wellness plans that encompass supplements, herbs, vitamins, nutrition advice, and personalized exercise regimens. These plans are designed to address your specific health challenges and promote overall balance and vitality in your life.

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