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“I have had back, neck, and sleep problems for overuse and previous injuries for many years.  As a professional driving instructor with many active hobbies my body always seemed overburdened and uncomfortable.  I tried chiropractic and massage therapies, which provided only temporary relief.   Hopi introduced to me a type of acupuncture, which quickly resolved scar tissue, range of motion, and muscle memory issues in record time.  I must say that the treatment has changed my attitude by giving me hope for being comfortable and strong, as well as a sense of well being.... My neck and back have improved dramatically.  It is so appreciated.”

~Shawn, 40 years old



"Due to the pain in my left knee it had come to a point where I could not play golf or keep up with my grandson. After my second treatment, my results were a miracle! It has been unbelievable! I am now pain free. The internal feeling I now have being able to play golf and run with my grandson is awesome." 

~Steve, Fire Division Chief, Retired



"I received eight gentle and non-invasive treatments from Hopi.  My back pain has been constant for years and now I can lie flat on my stomach again.  I also don’t have any pain and numbness in my arms.  Lastly, my shoulder is not clicking when I go through a full range of motion, only two months after my accident." 

​~Barbara, 80 years old. 



“Hopi is a skilled and caring acupuncturist with sensitive, intelligent hands. She seems to know exactly where to get the best results with chronic pain conditions. I had a recurrent, muscle spasm in my shoulder region, which wasn't responding to chiropractic or massage techniques. It finally resolved after just two acupuncture treatments with Hopi and hasn't returned. Hopi combines knowledge with a quiet, wise, nurturing presence. A wonderful combination for anyone in need of physical healing.“

​~Nance, MSW / psychotherapist.



“I originally started seeing Hopi Wilder for pain in my foot.  It soon became apparent that acupuncture with the right practitioner could help me in other ways.  Hopi has helped me to understand more about how everything in the body is tied together.  Since I have been going to Hopi, I have regained my energy and lost over 15 lbs.  I feel 100% better.  She is very knowledgeable and intuitive.  I would highly recommend paying her a visit.”

​~Jenifer, 45 years old.

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